360 Panorama

The image below is goes by seveal names: spherical panorama, photo sphere, 360  panorama.  It differs from a standard panorama in that you can pan up/down as well as left/right.   To create this image we sent a drone up to hover at an where from 100 to 400 ft.  We start an autonomous program that takes images at different vertical and horizontal angles.  A program stitched these into a single image that can be viewed with a special viewer.

Use your mouse to pan the image left/right and up/down, and the scroll wheel to zoom in/out.   Don't have a mouse, put you curser on the image and use the controls that display in the lower-left corner of the screen to pan and zoom.

This page may take a few minutes to load the images.  Please be patient.  It is worth the wait to  see the results.