Drones in Construction

Drone based aerial photography is can improve worksite management, improve safety and provide other benefits:

  • Track Project progress.
  • Autonomous flight plans can be created so that each time the drone flies it takes pictures from the exact same locations.  The flight plan can include multiple images, video or both.  By comparing pictures from previous flights, it is easy to see changes.  Multiple images can be stitched together so that entire site is visible in one high resolution picture.  This allows user can zoom into any area to see additional details.  ,
  • Off-site management to easily access progress.  It helps monitor multiple job sites and reduces sites visits.
  • On-site managers can reduce walking the site to see what’s going on.  A Georgia Tech study claims that drone photography can improve site manager productive by 40%
  • Images can be sent to clients so they can see the progress of their project.
  • Images can be sent to sub-contracts and supplies so they can monitor their parts of the project.  They could also be used to highlight an issue.

  • Reduction in waste.  Unused inventory and equipment can be spotted.

  • Site images can be used by inspectors to decrease inspection time and safety my reducing the need to climb or bring in a cherry-picker to look at something.  The drone can be tasked to take pictures ad hoc when needed.  Safety monitors can better monitor activities.

  • Airborne video streaming can be used when serious problems occur so that everyone can see the problem.

  • Experience has shown that site activities improve when people know the whole site has visibility.