NGD can help organizations (private and public) transform their operations using aerial photography or other types of sensors.  Of course, not all business can benefit, but new applications for using drones are being found all the time.  The most common use is aerial photography.  Applications include mapping, construction, inspections and real estate.   But, think beyond photography and/or just flying outdoors.  New applications are being found every day.  Got an idea, contact us and let’s discuss it.  See the "New Ideas" section below.

North Georgia Drones provides drone services, consulting and training.  Rather than use a drone service, some companies consider doing it organically with current personnel.  This can almost guarantee failure.  Having an employee with a drone is not a drone program.  There are numerous FAA issues, training issues, procedures, drone inspection and documentation issues.  We should point out here that getting an FAA Part 107 RPC (remote pilot certificate) meets the FAA requirement to fly drones commercially, but does not address all the issues for having a UAV program.  Utilizing North Georgia Drone services lets an organization focus on the application, experiment with UAVs and see the benefits, or lack of, for different applications.  During this period NGD acts as a consultant to advise the organization on how it can incorporate UAVs into current operations.  We can advise on the FAA and other legal issues that must be addressed for the organization to become self-sufficient (see more complete list below.  Finally, if it makes sense, we can provide UAV pilot training for selected employee’s, operational procedures and transform the organization into self-managed UAV operations.

The following are a list of issues that NGD can help with:
  • Requirements Definition and Project Planning
  • Type of UAV
  • Flight duration
  • Safety systems
  • Payload/sensors
  • Type of UAV needed
  • Location of flight operations
  • Data analysis needs
  • Response required (scheduled, ad hoc)
  • Compliance with FAA regulations
  • Compliance with legal issues
  • Pilot selection, training required
  • Estimated UAV cost (DYI vs. outsource)
  • Development of internal procedure manuals and processes
  • Impact of down time
  • Insurance required
  • Who would repair / parts availability
  • What is your budget?

New Ideas

Got an idea for a new UAV application – thinking out of the box? 

Give us a call and let’s discuss.  Most people look at the 3Ds (dangerous, dirty and dull).  But we believe our 5Ds open up additional opportunities for using a UAV.  Most applications fall into one or more of these.

  • Dangerous
    • heights
    • unstable structures
    • high voltage
    • fire
    • radiation
  • Dirty
    • polluted air
    • dust
    • smoke
    • foul matter
    • soot
  • Dull
    • surveillance
    • repetition
  • Difficult to reach
    • requires ropes and pulleys
    • top of a water tower
    • surrounded by vegetation
  • Dramatic cost savings
    • less expensive compared to a manned aircraft
    • reduction or elimination of labor
    • reduction in liability insurance for inspection personnel (especially anyone who climbs)