Introduction to Drones Course

Our Chief Pilot, Stan Jessen, teaches an "Introduction to Drones" course.  It intended for organizations who have a limited understanding of drones and want to learn more about them.  The class incudes the following topics:

  • Brief history of dronnes.
  • What's inside and how do they work
  • FAA Part 107 that governs the use of drones
  • What is required to fly drones commerically
  • Selecting drone
  • Photographic techniques
  • Safety

The length of this course varies from 20 min to 3 hrs.  We adjust content based on the time available and areas of specific interest.  This is ideal for companies who that are considering using drones, want to understand the benefits and want to learn how they might fit into their organization.  Call NGD to discuss your specific needs.

Real Estate Class

Stan teaches a course called "Using Drones in Real Estate".  This 3 hr course is approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission for continuing education credit.  This course is offered through RERA (Real Estate Resources Academy).  Click the following button to sign up for this course.  The next class is scheduled for June 6 between 10:00 am and 1:15pm.

In-house Real Estate Training

We have a shorter version of the above course than last about 20 minutes.  It doesn't go into as much detail and it does not qualify for education credits.  It is intended for real estate sales meeting where time is limited.  We do this course free for groups of 5 or more agents.  Call NGD directly if this is of interest.

Drones in Real Estate Course